Ladies & Gentlemen...THE MEMPHIS STRANGE!!!

The first Memphis Strange show was in June of 2009. The band was made up of Johnny Dango, Kevin Hennessy, Josh Vernier, Jay Vernier, and Andrew Rosas. Jay and Andrew left the band shortly after, and Doug Strahan and Todd Thompson joined up. The band released its first record, "Birth of The Strange," in 2011. "Strange Seconds" followed in 2017, after which Kevin and Josh left the band. Dave Wesselowski, Jeff Sanders, Andy Mirsberger, Michael Lefkowitz & Kevin Hoetger have handled rhythm section duties ever since. New recordings remain a possibility, ever-threatened by in-fighting, personal vendettas, threats, negotiations and robots.


Get some "Strange Seconds"

Johnny Dango, Doug Strahan, and Todd Thompson make a dangerous combo.”

Doug Freeman (Austin Chronicle)

The follow-up to Birth of The Strange is here. The after birth, if you like. You can check it out at, where it's streaming for free. We do suggest you download it and take it with you, of course, as it's also available everywhere else you buy digital music. It sounds particularly nice at night, in the car, driving to visit a friend.

"Birth of The Strange"